Seth Glier performs ‘Scars’

Seth Glier performs “Scars” at the Second Story Garage music video studio in Boulder, Colorado.

It must be nice to be able to just open your mouth and have beautiful sounds come out. Seth Glier has a singing voice like that, where his natural gifts make his talent sound effortless. And his talents are multiple.

The Massachusetts-based artist writes the kind of songs that come from a deeply personal place but which anyone can relate to, and he imbues them with a basic listenability. Melody alone can carry them. The three songs he performed in the Garage — “Love is a Language,” “Scars” and “Standing Still” — all have these qualities. Sax and harmonica player Joe Nerney was on hand to help Glier bring the material to life.

Glier’s 2011 The Next Right Thing was nominated for a Grammy for best engineered album, and his song “Naia” won best love song honors at the Independent Music Awards. During his interview with Quentin, Glier talks about flirting with Katy Perry at the Grammys and getting kicked out of high school for playing music.

What he brought us: A voodoo doll-looking percussion instrument, held together with duct tape.

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