SHEL chat with Quentin Young

SHEL sit down to talk with reporter Quentin Young at Second Story Garage in Boulder.

Bands often take on some of the dynamics of a family, but SHEL is literally a family band, and it shows. The quartet of Holbrook sisters from Fort Collins have the enviable ability to rib each other mercilessly one moment and, in the next, exchange smiles of familial love. Then they play, and their instrumental skill and enchanting harmonies exude years and years of shared experience.

The Holbrooks, who have two other siblings, were homeschooled in a household with a musician dad and an artist mom. They used to serve as backup band for their father, Andrew, so performing live comes naturally. Their music is rootsy and restrained. They generally shun the shabby side of Americana for its shiny side. Pictures often show the Holbrooks wearing top hats full of flair, a signature accoutrement that Eva Holbrook, who plays mandolin and sings, crafts herself.

You can get a good feel for SHEL’s sound by listening to the songs they played in the Garage — “Lost at Sea,” “Can’t Give Up” and “Moonshine Hill.” And you can get a great feel for their personalities by watching their interview with Quentin.

If you’re wondering, “Why the name ‘SHEL?’ ” think of the sisters’ names: Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza.

What they brought us: A signed “No Whining” sign. And they mean it.

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