South of France perform ‘Choix’

South of France perform “Choix” at Second Story Garage.

We found indie pop in Boulder, and it’s South of France.

Boulder’s music scene isn’t known for reverb-y, edgy pop rock, but that’s what South of France is doing. When Jeff Cormack needed a new female vocalist for the project, a friend put him in touch with Kelly Lueke, who was then living in L.A. After a whirlwind trip to New York City’s Northside Festival, they knew it was going to work out.

The duo reworked some of Cormack’s old songs — Lueke bringing in some weirdness where Cormack had built up the pop. You can check out their first LP, Another Boring Sunrise, on Spotify. But first, get a taste of it from their Garage performances of Choix” and “Wake Up Old,” and check out the band’s interview with Ashley, too.

What they brought us: A little wooden doll — a talisman-type thing. We don’t know what to call it, but we feel it has good mojo.

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