Summa perform ‘I’ll Be Here’

Summa perform “I’ll Be Here” at Second Story Garage in Boulder, Colo.

Summa — as in summa cum laude — has a new and fresh sound for Boulder.

In a town where indie rock is scarce, the young trio stands out, joining Second Story Garage alumni South of France as one of the new Boulder-based bands of their kind. Frontman Jake O’Neal and drummer Max Grossman started playing together last fall with a vision of becoming a band like Sigur Ros. Instead, they ended up leaning more on alt-rock. They recently recruited 16-year-old bassist Miles Bragg and released a five-song EP, Microlove.

In the studio, they played two songs off that record, “Sex Gun” and “Love at 16,” plus an unrecorded track called “I’ll Be Here.” Of course, Ashley had to ask what “Sex Gun” is about in her interview with the band.

What they brought us: A backstage access sticker from their first gig at the Fox Theatre, which Max peeled off his laptop for us.

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