Tallgrass perform ‘So Blind’

Tallgrass perform “So Blind” at Second Story Garage.

Tallgrass goes for an understated sound. You get more a meadow of music than a mountain of it. And in this case, less is more.

Each of the players — Adam Morford on drums, Austin Morford on bass and Matt Skinner on guitar and banjo — is good at what he does, so it’s better that don’t compete with each other to be heard. Their songs are tight and crisp, but they make delivering them seem like a breeze. They lock without much trouble. They groove without trying. Skinner’s voice is rich and natural. Put it together, and you’ve got a good show.

The trio recently became a new addition to Fort Collins’ expanding music scene after they relocated from Iowa City, Iowa, and now they’re playing dates in their adopted state and back in Iowa. It’s a band you want to see live, but if you can’t you can listen to God, Sin, Whiskey and Women, Tallgrass’ first album. Note how they get God up front but proceed without pause to all the other stuff. That’s kind of how the music feels.

The band is working on its next album, titled Better Than Medicine. Another reference to all that other stuff?

Don’t miss the band’s performances of “Fuse Box” and “Better Than Medicine,” and their interview with Quentin.

What they brought us: A cardboard cutout of a squirrel wearing tighty-whities. The squirrel’s private parts are pixelated out. We looked.

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