Second Story Garage:

TAUK perform “Sweet Revenge” at Second Story Garage music video studio in Boulder, Colorado.

When TAUK traveled to Colorado, the band fulfilled a dream by performing at Red Rocks. As a support act for jamband Umphrey’s McGee, TAUK stepped onto a stage that represents a peak of accomplishment for musicians throughout the country.

The four members of TAUK made one other stop while in the state: Second Story Garage. The band, which plays what it describes as heavy instrumental rock fusion, is based on the north shore of Long Island, in Oyster Bay, and has been on tour in advance of a new album, Headroom, which was released Sept. 4. We got to hear the band at a moment of ascendancy, when its national presence and musical development is reaching a new level. It’s a milestone for a band when its fans get their own nickname — TAUK’s fans have come to be known as “Staukers.”

TAUK plays all-instrumental music, and its members are capable of jaw-dropping licks, riffs, runs and jams. Isaac Teel, on drums, is precise and versatile. Other drummers will watch him in awe, while non-musician listeners will fall under the spell of his beats. He’s joined by Matt Jalbert on guitar, Charlie Dolan on bass and Alric “A.C.” Carter on keys. The quartet played “Sweet Revenge,” “Friction” and “Rainwalk” during their Garage session, and when they sat down for a chat with Quentin, they talked about preparing for Red Rocks.

What they brought us: A pair of black TAUK panties.

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