The Deadly Gentlemen perform ‘All the Broken Pieces’

The Deadly Gentlemen perform “All the Broken Pieces” at Second Story Garage in Boulder.

The Deadly Gentlemen came to Second Story Garage dressed in all black. That sartorial choice, we found, matched the seriousness of this quintet’s music.

The guys making the music, however, turned out to be bright and cheery. They got a crazy case of the giggles at one point during their session in the Garage. A host’s misstatement of one of their song titles set off such laughter that they tried and failed to get through a take. Maybe we’ll post that clip as an outtake sometime.

In the meantime, take a look at these performances — “Soul Krusher,” “Roll Me, Tumble Me” and “All the Broken Pieces” (and their interview with Quentin) — and see why people are talking about the Gentlemen. Individually they have killer bios. Bassist Sam Grisman, for example, learned music from David Grisman, his famous mandolin-playing father. Together, the Gentlemen just slay.

What they brought us: Stash (Stanislaw Wyslouch), the guitarist, refused to part with the headband he wore in the Garage, but he gave us another from his, uh, stash.

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