The Jeff Brinkman Band perform ‘Island Song’

The Jeff Brinkman Band plays “Island Song” at the Second Story Garage in Boulder, Colorado.

Jeff Brinkman and Mark Kranjcec bravely agreed to be the first artists to ever record at the Second Story Garage. Mark, who works in the building, had seen the studio come together and apparently thought it looked good enough to recommend it to Jeff (thanks, guys!). As you watch the videos, you’ll see we really hadn’t decorated the place at all yet, compared to the Rob Drabkin and Bonnie & The Clydes videos we’ve already released.

What Brinkman brought us: Nothing yet! We hadn’t started our tradition of asking artists to leave something with us when these guys stopped by. Maybe we’ll have them drop something off when they get a chance.

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Jeff Brinkman Photogallery

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