Time and AwareNess chat with Ashley Dean

Time and AwareNess sit down to chat with Ashley at Second Story Garage.

Chris “Time” Steele has an impressive CV.

As a journalist, he often writes about progressive politics, and his interview with Noam Chomsky was published in Chomsky’s book, “Occupy: Reflections on Class War, Rebellion and Solidarity.” As a musician, Time is currently working on Common’s next album, Nobody Smiling, in addition to his own prolific output.

Time works in the same vein of conscious hip hop that Common does. When Tim came to Second Story Garage with Chavo “AwareNess” Trejo at his side, and a little help from singer Kate Warner, we got a taste of that with “Nona,” “No More Bad Dreams” and “They Call Us the Irish.” In his interview with Ashley, Steele explains his causes and inspiration.

What they brought us: Some CDs and a hand-drawn poster (seen in the videos) that says “CESCHI IS FREE” on one side and “Hi Grandma” on the other.

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