Second Story Garage: Ultraviolet Hippopotamus perform ‘Tugboat’

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus perform “Tugboat.”

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus came into the Garage all the way from Grand Rapids, Mich., to jam with us before a string of tour dates in Colorado.

Maybe we should use the term “jam” more carefully. Though UV Hippo’s blend of rock, funk and even a little bit of psych and classical music has that jam-band sound, the quintet’s music is carefully composed. They keep the improvising under control (but when they do it, they do it well).

On the Colorado leg of the tour, UV Hippo will be the last band to play Quixotes True Blue in Denver on Nov. 10, then they’ll play the Southern Sun in Boulder on Nov. 12.

What they brought us: A creepy signed poster. We’re pretty sure the devil’s face is on it.

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