The Vixens chat with Quentin Young

The Vixens sit down to chat with Quentin Young at Second Story Garage in Boulder, Colo.

Bonnie Sims is the irrepressible, warbly voiced dynamo who fronts the popular local country act Bonnie & The Clydes. Lauren Stovall is the cowboy boot-wearing, silky-voiced member of local award-winning bluegrass group The Railsplitters. Wouldn’t it be so cool to see these two perform together?

Turns out they’re friends. And they do perform together. And they did perform for us at Second Story Garage. How cool is that?

We laughed harder during this session than during most. These two performers are serious about making beautiful music, but off-camera they’re kind of wild, and they made it clear during their interview with Quentin they’re not afraid to crack off-color jokes. (We wish we could print an example here, but the editors wouldn’t approve.) They told us they have slumber parties, and we can only imagine …

… but we’re here for the music, and Sims and Stovall delivered. They played us “Kiss Me Mother” and “Wild Mountain Thyme.”

What they brought us: A signed Vixens poster with an image of the duo drawn by local honky-tonker Halden Wofford.

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