Whiskey Shivers perform ‘Middlesboro’

Whiskey Shivers perform “Middlesboro” at Second Story Garage in Boulder.

We’ve had bluegrass in the Second Story Garage before, but it’s never been this trashy.

That’s a compliment. The Whiskey Shivers call their music trashgrass, anyway. The Austin-based quintet take traditional bluegrass and crank it up in volume and speed, without sacrificing spot-on playing and excellent vocal harmonies. They’re known for their rowdy live show, and even though they couldn’t blow fire in our studio (as they did last time they were at the Larimer Lounge), they gave us killer performances of “Swarm,” “Middlesboro” and “Jealous Heart.”

There was hardly a moment between sound checks and recording that the Whiskey Shivers weren’t playing or joking around, but they sat down long enough for an interview with Ashley, in which they gave away all their secrets about getting weird, crowd surfing while playing and the problem with the downbeat.

What they brought us: Some sick T-shirts and copies of both of their albums, Rampa Head  and  Batholith.

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